As an aspiring lawyer, one should be aware of Adam S Kutner’s “Helping Future Lawyers” Scholarship program. To start off with, Adam S Kutner leads Adam S Kutner & Associates which has been responsible for providing reliable legal representation to victims of personal injury since the last 26 years now. The areas covered by them include:

  • Pedestrian Accidents
  • Car accidents
  • Slip and Fall Accidents
  • Dog Bites
  • Wrongful Death
  • Others


As one of the leading personal injury lawyers in Las Vegas, Adam S Kutner has initiated the Adam Kutner Cares- Born to Give scholarship program. Those interested can secure substantial information about the program from this particular post.


What are the requirements?


First up—the requirements. The program which is eligible for students nationwide hardly has any exceptions as far as the requirements are concerned. So, aspiring students should pay due attention in this regard – without fail!


  • A student must be able to furnish proof that he is a senior in high school or for that matter is already attending college


  • He/she should be at least someone intending to attend college next year


  • Must be able to show that he or she is genuinely in need of these funds


  • Should have maintained 3.0 GPA


  • Should be able to provide school transcript


  • Graduate students following low rated career paths are deemed eligible for this scholarship



Are you eligible?


An essay submitted by students is crucial for consideration as well. The essay should furnish details of the student’s interest in an aspect of law. The interest thus demonstrated should duly comply with his or her major, provided he/she is a law student. The essay (with a maximum of 300 words) should demonstrate the interest clearly.


August 1, 2018 has been chosen as the deadline for the application so that the lawyers have sufficient time to disburse the payment before the fall semester. Students who do not require funds for academic purposes should not apply for this scholarship.


The Reward and More


The recipient of this scholarship program will receive $2,500 as a one-time payment. The scholarship – of course – will help the student with his/her school and educational expenses. The applicant can choose the format of the essay but should be able to express interest in the industry in a convincing fashion.


This scholarship program might as well be viewed as Adam S Kutner’s efforts to train future lawyers of the industry.