In Singapore, the promos Use to everything, To human beings. The sentence appears like a terrible joke, but it is all the more serious for Al Jazeera. This summer, A report by the Qatari channel has generated scandal in the island by denouncing the ways of”selling” employment agencies of domestic workers, young girls mainly coming from poor Asian countries like the Philippines, Myanmar or Indonesia.

Since then,


Presented as product

Agencies located in certain shopping facilities, pointing into”shoplifter and readily available for purchase” candidates.Following this guide, the Ministry of Employment of Singapore (MOM) reaffirmed the”ministry required agencies to be responsible and to possess respectful practices with respect to their customers — both employers and”Foreign domestic workers”.

A few days later he remembered that advertisements that Compared”helpers” with goods that could be replaced and exposed when they were deemed unsatisfactory”were then removed the most upsetting panels.


Shoplifting Nominees

These measures have not been enough to stem the polemic which has Won the Philippines, which in response have banned several bureaus of Singapore”maids” on their territory. On 13 September, Myanmar announced that it would suspend all Migration of its servants into the island due to ill-treatment of some of its nationals. Domestic workers (“overseas domestic workers”) are still an Institution at the city of the lion — not less than 214,000 servants for an island of 5.4 million — but also among the most surprising subjects And controversy .


These young girls Look after the household, the kitchen, Maintain the children and the elderly in wealthy or middle-class Singaporean families (using a helper isn’t, but the prerogative of local families because”Expatriate” families also have them).

The Singaporean authorities imposes drastic conditions on them To obtain a visa: they must be between 23 and 50 decades old, have at least eight decades of schooling and have successfully passed a series of Including a pregnancy test they must repeat every six months. If they’re positive, they are returned to their country of source.


To these limitations is added the fiscal Pressure of the recruitment agencies, which play the role of intermediaries between them and their future employer. To get them to the island and educate them, these bureaus charge them a fee of several thousand dollars. The pressure has increased in recent months since the bureaus Are engaged in a price war to attract clients and reduce fees billed to the employer but catch up on the amounts they require from domestic employees. Some nevertheless repay their debt after a year and have not obtained the first penny of their wages.